All over America  there has never been so many large churches and conferences, but never has the church in America been so impotent to affect sin in the world.  From our government to our culture – sin is encouraged, righteousness is discouraged, and the Gospel is mocked.

We believe this culture shift in America is due to the  fact that over the past fifty years, churches have put quantity before quality! This is why God has called us to a long journey to develop a brand new church in Short Pump, Virginia, and you’ve crossed paths with us here  because you have a part in making that dream come true.

Disciple Co. Church was named to communicate to a new generation what the church is supposed to be.  The church is about keeping company with other disciples of Jesus, and the church is about building and producing disciples of Jesus – just like Jesus prescribes in Matthew 28:18-20.

Truly, our church is just a small company of disciples wholly dedicated to assembling together to worship Christ and produce quality disciples in His image. It’s a simple vision of simple faith to bring about a radical change in the lives of people all over the world. Our vision is to produce disciples of Jesus who are prepared to endure the challenges of a world where weak doctrines and weak faith are the norm.

We hope you will follow Jesus with us in this vision of building competent, confident disciples of Jesus Christ.


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  1. Curtis says:

    March 8th

    Dear Pastor Ben:
    As always the services were educational and insightful. I truly enjoyed the old school hymns, thank you.
    During the service, I notice the number of people outside our meeting room walking their dogs or walking themselves. I said to myself, why these people aren’t in church somewhere. I am 67 years old, I can’t identify with people who don’t go to church.
    I had this idea that came to me, this is a good time to let people know, you and Carmen are in the neighborhood. What would it cost to get 3rd class mailing to all these people in Wellesley. There is a company that can research the mailing addresses of these people for a small fee.
    If you can provide me the cost, I will pay for it. I know with every 100 mailings, only three people may show up. It may be possible that those 3 visitors will bring 3 more. Just a thought, please let me know what you think.
    Your brother from another mother,

    • Thank you Brother Curtis! We are so grateful for your generosity in all the many ways you contribute to our church. We were considering to do mailers 2 weeks out from Easter Sunday to have then a week in advance. We will let you know what the quote is when we have it. It’s a great idea that we were hoping to afford so thank you for encouraging us. You’re always a blessing to our little church. Thank you!!!

      • Uncle Curtis says:

        Dear Pastor Ben:

        The service was another one for the good teaching books. (grins) By the way, I placed a special offering in today’s offering plate for the upcoming Outreach Mailing. I trust it will hope.

        Love you in The LORD,

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